A day after Covid third wave warning, govt’s scientific advisor pitches for social distancing, vaccination | India News

A day after Covid third wave warning, govt's scientific advisor pitches for social distancing, vaccination | India News
NEW DELHI: A day after flagging inevitability of a third wave of Covid-19, the principal scientific advisor to the government, K Vijay Raghavan on Thursday emphasised on social ‘distancing’, saying it can exponentially bring down spread and reduce surge as the virus can only go human to human.
“No matter what the variant is or what its properties are, distancing will deprive it of a vehicle of passage. Distancing reduces the surge and relieves pressure on facilities,” he tweeted.

Raghavan during a press conference on Wednesday said that a third wave of Covid-19 was inevitable, given the high level of circulating virus. “But it’s not clear on what timescale this phase three will occur. Hopefully incrementally. But we should prepare for the new wave,” he said.
In a series of tweets on Thursday, he sought to focus on the importance of ‘distancing’ without actually suggesting how it would be possible without lockdown at this juncture when the country’s daily count of positive cases reached a new daily high of over 4.12 lakh in the past 24 hours.

He said, “What we at every level need to do is to maximally and effectively maintain distance and follow Covid-appropriate behaviour. This is critically important.
“Distancing can exponentially bring down spread, the virus can only go human to human. In each of our diverse contexts, we need to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour that is most effective. Otherwise, the virus will exponentially spread.”
The PSA to the government also appealed to everyone to work together by following Covid-appropriate rigorously everywhere and underlining the scaling up of vaccination which, he claimed, works against all variants.
‘Reduce, crush pandemic by following appropriate behaviour now rigorously everywhere. The virus spreads through us. We must, (and) can stop it,” tweeted Vijay Raghavan.
He said, “Vaccination is scaling up… Vaccines work against variants. Meanwhile distancing and Covid-appropriate behaviour are a must for all of us.”
Amid a lot of discussions over what went wrong in foreseeing the second wave and whether the mathematical model did not get its prediction right due to multiple factors, the PSA underlined the urgency of concentrating on the immediate task at hand during the current surge.
“…Analysing the past and predicting the future are useful. But we should also not get our eyes off the task at hand. The first and most immediate task is doing everything we can now, together. Must continue to strengthen all – healthcare workers, frontline workers, patients, and their families, those ensuring supply chains function, etc. – and make sure we overcome this huge surge,” he tweeted.
The country in the past 24 hours reported 4,12,262 new cases. Ten states — Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka,Kerala,Haryana, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan — report 72.19% of the total new cases. Maharashtra has reported the highest daily new cases at 57,640 followed by Karnataka (50,112) and Kerala (41,953).

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