Coronavirus: Are jabs helping? ICMR seeks hospitalisation data from states | India News

Coronavirus: Are jabs helping? ICMR seeks hospitalisation data from states | India News
PUNE: The Indian Council of Medical Research has asked all states to ready data of those who were hospitalised with Covid after vaccination. Experts said the information will be used to explore a theory that states Covid is mostly mild after vaccination.
States have also been asked to collect data on vaccination coverage, hospitalisations, treatment protocols and duration of hospital stay in the vaccinated. Senior ICMR epidemiologist Dr Samiran Panda said states are encouraged to upload the data on a common portal. “I feel this data will help states understand how vaccines are helpful in reducing hospitalisation and the burden on health infrastructure,” Dr Panda said.
Experts said it is important to collect the states’ information on a common portal as research on vaccine effectiveness can help ease hesitancy. As per health ministry, out of 18.41 crore people vaccinated since January 16, 14.12 crore have received one dose and 4.29 crore people have completed their two-dose schedule.
Hospitals may seek prior vaccination information but it is unlikely this information is being fed into a centralised database, experts said.
Sanjay Patil, chairman of the IMA’s Hospital Board of India, Pune, said doctors have observed that severity of Covid post vaccination is “very less”.
Some states have carried out small studies — especially among doctors and healthcare workers — to determine the severity of Covid after vaccinations. Experts said many of these vaccinated health workers may be acquiring the infection again due to the high viral load environments they work in.

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