Covid: At 41%, Goa sets positivity rate record, Delhi close 2nd | India News

Covid: At 41%, Goa sets positivity rate record, Delhi close 2nd | India News
NEW DELHI: Goa set a new record with 41% coronavirus positivity rate measured over a 14-day period between April 21 and May 4 and there are at least 13 states, including Delhi, where the fortnightly infection rate was more than 21%.
Such a high rate of infection points to under-reported cases and the need to increase testing. Compared to the situation in March, when only one state had breached the 7% positivity mark, the fresh outbreak indicates the caseload may remain high even as the second wave has resulted in fresh restrictions in many states. TOI’s fortnightly positivity rate study indicates lack of adequate testing, tracing and treatment.

In Delhi, the positivity rate went up from 19% in the previous fortnight (April 8-21) to 32% in the April 21-May 4 fortnight. After Goa and Delhi, West Bengal is the third worst affected state with a positivity rate of 30% in the April 21-May 4 fortnight. The all-India positivity rate has shot up from 15% to 21% during the last two fortnights as against 3-4% in March.
Maharashtra, however, is showing signs of a slowdown with the infection rate down from 25% (during April 8-21) to 23% in the last fortnight (April 21-May 4). Chhattisgarh is also slightly down, from 29% to 28% during this period.
Nine states have reported a positivity rate between 10%-20%. Only Assam and some other northeastern states have infections contained at 5%. Odisha witnessed a rapid rise in cases where the infection rate has gone up from 8% to 17% in the last two fortnights.

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