Crisis is unprecedented, so is Congress behaviour, says BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: The BJP on Friday said while the whole nation is witnessing an unprecedented challenge of managing the pandemic, equally unprecedented is the behaviour of the Congress, which continues to play politics and has not extended any support towards handling the corona crisis.
“There has not been a single day when the Congress leaders have not made irresponsible, unverified remarks against the government. The Congress leaders are still busy in settling political scores, which is highly condemnable,” said BJP chief spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni, in reaction to Congress MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi’s another letter addressed to the prime minister on Covid management.
Baluni said Rahul Gandhi has his limitations as a politician due to which he has lost respect of his party leaders and his obsession to prove his worth is understandable.
“However, I urge the Congress leader to be sensitive towards the cause of the nation and the wellbeing of its people. Instead of making irresponsible remarks, the Congress leader should come out with ideas which can help in the country’s fight against the pandemic,” the BJP leader said.
About Sonia Gandhi’s demand to hold an all party meeting on the pandemic, Baluni said the decision in this regard will be taken by the top leadership and he had no comments in this regard. However, he maintained that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been regularly interacting with the state chief ministers about the Covid management. “Almost everyday, the prime minister holds interaction with the Covid affected state chief ministers. There has been consistent effort by the government to take along the opposition parties, which, however, have been most uncooperative and full of negativity,” he added.

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