India’s Covid cases fall but deaths remain high; fatality rate rises in May | India News

India's Covid cases fall but deaths remain high; fatality rate rises in May | India News
NEW DELHI: Daily cases of Covid-19 in India continued to fall after hitting a peak last week but deaths remained high with close to 4,000 fatalities recorded on Thursday.
India reported 3,43,122 fresh cases on Thursday, down from 3,62,720 reported on the previous day, as per TOI’s Covid database collated from state government numbers. The country recorded 3,994 deaths in the last 24 hours. India had recorded 4,205 deaths on Tuesday, the highest in a single day till now.
While the seven-day average of daily cases has fallen steadily from a peak of 3.91 lakh on Saturday (May 8) to 3.64 lakh on Thursday May 12, the average daily fatalities has risen. The seven-day average of daily deaths crossed the 4,000 mark on Tuesday and stood at 4,039 on Thursday.
As a result of falling cases and relatively high deaths, the case fatality rate (CFR) in the past week has risen to 1.1%, up from 0.7% in the month of April. Most of the major states continued to report falling numbers of fresh cases. Karnataka reported 35,297 cases, down from a peak of 50,112 on May 5 while numbers continued to drop sharply in Delhi (10,489), Uttar Pradesh (17,775), Chhattisgarh (9,121), Madhya Pradesh (8,419), Bihar (7,752) and Telangana (4,693).
At the same time, Tamil Nadu (30,621 new cases) and Bengal (20,839) reported their highest ever single-day surges. Elsewhere, cases remained high in Kerala (39,955), Andhra Pradesh (22,399), Rajasthan (15,867) Punjab (8,494) and the hill states and UTs in north India. Deaths fell in Karnataka to 344. Tamil Nadu recorded a toll of 297, just one short of the state’s highest casualty count reported on Tuesday.
Deaths remained high in Delhi (308) and UP at 281.

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