It may soon be too late to wake up, say Congress insiders | India News

It may soon be too late to wake up, say Congress insiders | India News
NEW DELHI: Talking about Trinamool Congress’s meticulous preparation against BJP in West Bengal, poll manager Prashant Kishore made a telling comment about Congress’s inability to fight BJP, saying that a party cannot get up a fortnight before polls and think it can win.
The barb, aimed at the Congress leadership, has takers within the party as insiders are terming the debacle in five state polls as yet another wake up call and it may soon be too late. Leaders say there is an urgent need for the leadership to put competent and credible people in key organisational positions and bring about internal cohesiveness in the dissension ridden ranks. “Mere holding of election to the post of AICC president will not be enough,” is the refrain.

The gloating in Congress over the BJP’s defeat in West Bengal is riling many as it is seen to ignore the GOP’s own dismal show. Young party spokesperson Ragini Nayak said, “If we (Congress) continue to find our happiness in the defeat of Modi, how will we introspect on our defeat?”
The raging concern in Congress is that the party is again slinking away from investigating the defeat in Kerala and Assam because it may point fingers at leaders who are in key positions in the organisation. That the opposition alliance secured more votes than ruling BJP combine in Assam is being cited as evidence that there is need to sharpen poll strategising, arguing that introspection is not to apportion blame but to upgrade the skillsets within.
“There has to be an honest stock taking to upgrade jaded methods. The need is to put in place competent minds and it should have been initiated immediately after the 2019 defeat,” a leader said, suggesting that members may soon raise a demand for comprehensive organisational reshuffle.

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