My tribute to a noble soul, Indu Jain | India News

My tribute to a noble soul, Indu Jain | India News
Indu Jain believed one should not mourn death, but it should be celebrated. She lived like an icon through out her rich and fulfilling life.
Very few contemporary saints and thinkers have explained the meaning of life and its vicissitudes with as much clarity as Indu Jain. In one of our many meetings she explained to me that living in the present means not having regrets of the past and not worrying about the future.

For her life was an incredible adventure, one that must be explored and experienced. She believed in this till her last breath. That is why she believed that in death lies the eternal salvation of the soul to get peace and that is why death should be celebrated.
A multifaceted personality I would describe her as an embodiment of the ethos of Indian heritage, well versed in ancient scriptures but fully engrossed to implement the same with modernity.

Having all the worlds riches at her feet she chose to wear a simple cotton or silk kurta without any jewellery.
She maintained her glow and radiant complexion till the end. Anyone who came into her contact would immediately be captured by the grace of her benovellant and spiritual personality.

She was humble and yet had an erudite sense of communicating her beliefs and objectives which were dear to her heart. Her commitment to spirituality transformed her belief that devastation caused by natural calamities and unfair treatment to destitute women and apathy towards orphaned children if not solved, peace in this world would be a far cry. When she took over as chairperson of Times Group in 1999, she dedicated herself to achieving these goals.

She was a recipient of the Padma Bhushan as a tribute to her passionate philanthropist nature and being a distinguished patron of art and culture. She was one among those rare personalities of India who had the distinction of addressing the UN General Assembly of Peace.
Having known Induji for almost four decades it is a personal loss but Induji lives and continues to live as her ideals will always inspire us to dedicate ourselves for achieving the stupendous tasks ahead.

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